Exploring Downtown San Antonio

Riverwalk San Antonio

When I was planning out what I should share about our experiences during our first year in San Antonio I realized it would be too long for just one post. For now I’ll just stick with the typical “touristy” stuff in the downtown area that we’ve done. Most anyone who has visited San Antonio would have a photo or two of these sites. Of course we’ve been to the Riverwalk on numerous occasions. No matter what time of the year, it’s always beautiful! If you ever visit San Antonio, be sure to take the river boat tour. It’s a cool little ride around the river and you’ll learn some quick history about the city.

Kayla and Tristan on the river boat tour during the summer.

Nearby you’ll find the Alamo. There is so much history within the walls and certainly a must see as well.  Take the time to read all the stories, and background surrounding the structure, and the battle and how it plays a part in our country.

The Alamo

The Tower of the Americas is one of our favorite sites downtown. This incredible tower is 750 feet tall and has the most beautiful view of the city. Each time we have guests from out of town we take them to the wonderful restaurant/bar area for a breathtaking peek at our new home. http://www.toweroftheamericas.com/index.asp

Enjoying a cocktail at the Tower of the Americas

The downtown area also plays host to the Buckhorn Saloon and Museum.   We’ve eaten at the restaurant on several occasions but if you have a phobia of stuffed animals then this is not the place for you. There are mounts of deers, bears, cows, and everything in between. Tristan is always fascinated each time we visit. http://www.buckhornmuseum.com/

One of my favorite “date days” with Tristan was a visit to the children’s museum. LOVED LOVED LOVED it! So much to do and tons of interactive activities for every age.  


There is so much to see in San Antonio. This is just a little sample of the downtown area. I know there is so much more in just this little area to explore and share and whenever we discover something new I’ll be sure to share with everyone.


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