Family Fun Around San Antonio

Upon moving to San Antonio I scoped out what fun stuff I could do with the kids. Within a month I purchased a zoo pass and we’ve been going ever since. The San Antonio Zoo is the best I’ve been to. We’ve seen animals that we’ve said “WHAT is that?” or “How do you pronounce that?!” but each time is an adventure.

We’ve also been to Six Flags Fiesta, Texas several times. In addition to their regular summer operations they also have festivities for Halloween and Christmas. There is tons of fun for all ages! On one of our first trips Tristan spotted Scooby Doo through the crowd and went running for him. He was beyond excited to see one of his favorite characters!!

Tristan and Scooby Doo at Six Flags Fiesta, Texas

 Ethan’s favorite place is Sea World. I’ll never forget the excitement he had when we pulled up to the gates at Sea World Orlando. At the time he loved everything ocean related. When Ethan came to visit this past summer I knew I had to take him to visit Sea World San Antonio. We had a great day!

Ethan feeding the dolphins at Sea World.

One of my favorite places is the Natural Bridge Wildlife Safari. There is nothing more fun than taking a teenager through the drive through safari and watching her scream when an animal approaches your car for food. This cool drive thru safari allows you the comfort (and safety) of your own car while you enjoy the wildlife and feed the animals with food purchased at the gate. Your admission allows you unlimited trips through the safari and of course you can always go back for more food….the animals won’t mind at all!

Jaymee meets a zebra at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Safari

The best way to keep cool during the Texas summer is water fun! Our favorite water park is Schlitterbaun Water Park in New Braunfels, which is right down the road from San Antonio. You can’t go wrong when there’s 3 full size water parks within their property. This place is buuussssyyyyy all summer long so if you want to go, get there early! We visited 4 times last summer and can’t wait to go back this year.

Kayla and Tristan enjoying the water slide at Schlitterbaun.

We’ve visited several other public parks and playgrounds around town. As the summer is slowing creeping up on us we plan on taking advantage of all the outdoor time we can before it’s too hot to enjoy it. Here’s to fun stuff with lots more exploring to do!


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