Stuffed Jalapénos

I have come to realize that jalapeños are an essential part of Texas. I’ve never disliked these hot little things but never had a yearning to cook with them until our move to the Lone Star state.

I found a great recipe for stuffed jalapeños on the grill that I’ve added my own twist to. Very simple recipe and easy to prep! Enjoy!

Stuffed jalapeños ready for the grill


6 Jalapeños, cut in half and seeds removed

1 block cream cheese

1/3 c sun dried tomatoes in oil, diced

1 tsp garlic powder

6 strips bacon cut in half

Bring cream cheese to room temperature and combine sun dried tomatoes and garlic powder until well blended. Spoon cream cheese mixture into middle of jalapeños and wrap with bacon. Secure with toothpick and grill. 

*Note: to keep toothpick from burning, soak in water before use.

Yum! Grilling is a way of life at our home!


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