It’s The Little Things…

I’ve been MIA for a few months and that’s for good reason. For the past 6 months (6 LOOONNNGGG months!) we’ve been in the process of buying a house and land. To say we’ve run into a few road blocks is an understatement. If you want to see people with bad luck, just take a look at my husband and me! I won’t go into details but to sum it up we had problems with our loan, getting the property prepped, delivery of our home (we purchased a modular home), electric installation, utilities, a very long punch list (a list that still isn’t complete!), and now outside trim work. It rarely rains in West Texas but every time we had the big projects scheduled, IT! HAS! RAINED!

So, onto my topic about the little things…We’ve done the RV living thing for almost 2 years. We packed everything we owned except for the necessities and put them in storage. Everything has been done on a MUCH smaller scale. We did this to allow us the opportunity to travel with my husband to his different job locations and keep our little family together. We always knew that the time would come when our son started school that we would need to settle down somewhere…so that’s what we did. Anyway, yesterday I was able to actually spend a decent amount of money on groceries and purchase enough groceries to last 2 weeks…a luxury I didn’t have in the RV due to space. It was so nice to have somewhere to put the 72 items, so my receipt says, in a specific place. 

Other “little things” I’ve started to enjoy again….a dishwasher, washer and dryer, my king size bed, regulated temperature control, a bath tub, full size garbage can, full size oven, having the ability to cook an entire meal at one time rather than in stages, hanging pictures back on the wall, having a craft room, having a water heater that holds more than 11 gallons of water…the list could go on and on! I have to tell you, unpacking boxes was like Christmas for all of us. We found things we forgot we had! It was amazing!

I still have a ton of work to do, my husband has big plans for landscaping, decks, and fencing but we’re HERE! We have space! We have separate rooms! We have the little things…

P.S. I haven’t forgotten to post my final blog about my daughter’s wedding. I’m waiting on the photos from the photographer so I can share some of those within the post. And yes, I planned a wedding 1,000 miles away while trying to buy a house. It’s been a crazy few months.