Ready! Set Go!

I have totally been slacking with posting on my blog. I’ve done a lot of updating on my Facebook page and tend to forget about my actual blog. With that being said, I’ve created a new category within my blog titled “Mother Of The Bride”. My goal is to document all the happenings, stresses, joys, and most importantly the excitement of planning my oldest daughter’s wedding. Thankfully I have 8 months to plan and of course PAY for her wedding. 

For anyone planning a wedding I strongly suggest downloading the app from My daughter, Kayla, and I both have downloaded hte app onto our phones and my iPad. It helps us work on the guest list, budget, to do list, and basically keep us all organized. LOVE IT! 

Before we could officially get started with the planning I had her pick 3 dates then we set out to find a location. We spent an entire afternoon going from one side of the city to the other looking and gathering pricing lists. The first place we visited ended up being her choice and from there we could confirm their first pick in dates. Yay! After having to find a member to sponsor the event, she turned in the deposit for: and the date is officially set for

July 26, 2014!!!

Oh, did I mention I’ll be doing all this planning from 1,000 miles away?! Yes, I’m in Texas while she’s in Florida so needless to say, when I’m back home visiting we’ll be getting in as much planning as possible. Yikes! While I was home visiting we also went dress shopping with my youngest daughter who will also serve as her maid of honor, Jaymee. Just like the wedding venue, she fell in love with the first dress she tried on! Double yay!! Yes, there was the moment that all of our eyes filled with tears at the reality of the moment but so much excitement filled the room as well. Her gown, veil, and sash is sitting on layaway at The dress fit her perfectly and will not require any alterations. It was meant to be!

One final thing to do before I left was to get engagement photos done. Here’s where I get to try out my awesome, new DSLR camera! I love love love taking photos and of course my kids are always my guinea pigs. We went to Oaks By The Bay Park in St. Andews, FL for photos.  Jaymee picked out and purchased their attire for the photos and she did a wonderful job. 

So, from here I’ll be gathering addresses and logging them into app and ordering Save The Date magnets. By the way, how clever are Save The Dates?! I love the magnet idea because who doesn’t love a magnet on their fridge. The Save The Dates are especially important when you’re planning a wedding this far out and you have out of town guests that will need to plan time off work, travel, etc. 

Stay tuned for more news! I can’t wait to share the next few months with y’all!