Granny’s Cookies!

When you get married, you don’t just marry the person, you marry the family. I have to say, I think I’ve hit the jackpot when I married the O’Dell family! All of my husband’s family resides in a small little town in South Carolina, where family ties run deep, friendships are created at birth, everybody knows everybody, and everyone has a Southern accent so thick that it sticks to you before you leave.

Every Christmas and Nate’s birthday we get a box in the mail that I have been told to not open until Nate gets home because inside is always a special delivery from his Granny….COOKIES!

One bite of these cookies spoke for itself! Nothing, and I mean nothing beats Granny’s cookies. I don’t know what kind of special ingredients she puts in them but I know the number 1 component is LOVE! I’ve had the honor of spending time with this wonderful lady and I know that it really wouldn’t matter whether they were the best tasting cookies in the world or not, it’s the fact that this amazing woman made them with her own two hands. 

Words can not begin to express the love Nate has for his family, especially his Granny, who just turned 90 this past February. I too, love this lady as if she’s my own Granny. When we visited during the Christmas holiday, Tristan clung to her the entire time, following her around step for step. Every so often we’d hear him say “Ganny…” and then carry on with sweet conversations with her. 

I know we are certainly beyond blessed to have Granny in our lives, not only for her delicious cookies (that everyone fights over when the box arrives),  but to just say we know the most wonderful, sweet, caring, loving Southern lady to ever grace South Carolina.

Nate and Granny O'Dell

Tristan and Granny talking about important things.

Nate and Tristan enjoying a batch of Granny's cookies.